TYPE PHRACT Fractal based typeface inspired by recursionand nature. TYPE WRM32 Semi-pixelated typefacewith curves in the right places.TTF/OTF from darkweb 0day boards. TYPE CRACKPATCH Typeface extracted from a patcher/cracker released by underground cracking group. TYPE DE NIEUWESTIJL Modernist Display typeface dedicatedto the Beastie Boys, infamous forletting the beat mmmmmmmmmdrop? TYPE OVNI Government monitored typefacefound in leaked Roswellrelated incidents. TYPE PLURIBUS Typeface created usingthe United States of Americaas a grid. TYPE XQUISIT Interactive Twitter Bot that Predicts Your Demise Based On OSHA Accident REports. TYPE PIET Bauhaus inspired typeface using principles taken from Piet Mondrian's iconic paintings. TYPE 4D Fourth dimensional typeface using the four-dimensional analog of the cube aka a tesseract as underying grid. TYPE KURSIV Conceptual script typeface using circles as letterform curvatures. TYPE ZEV Minimalist typeface influenced by old science fiction cinema. CODE + TYPE GROWR Organic growth generating algorithm. CODE + TYPE FONT CHOPPER Typeface manipulator/generatorthat chops & blendsvarious typefaces. FORM CULT OF PERFORMANCE BOOK code HOW YOUMIGHT DIE CODE CODE Interactive Twitter Bot that Predicts Your Demise based On OSHA accident reports. HYPNOTIZR Interactive kaleidoscope for your third eye'scolorful enjoyment. LAYOUTGENERATOR CODE CODE Interactive utility for generating templated layouts using grid division. EYE.<3.U Scripted animationusing processing.js TheHal9000 CODE CODE Online recreation ofThe Hal9000 robot from2001: A Space Odyssey WIKISVG Online utility thatserves a random SVGfile from Wikimedia. TECH GENERATOR CODE CODE Generative art piece inspired from science fiction loading screen UI's. RandoMachine Post-modern text generator based on the Dadaist idea of spontaneous text inspiration. MOTION EAT24 MOTION NISSAN GTR Promotional video graphics for the GT-R NISMO setting a new record at the world famous Nurburgring. MOTION SAP:RETAILSERVICES MOTION MYXTV Idents and Branding for Asian/American lifestyle TV channel. 1FEST FORM FORM Logo and Branding for rally & protest against proposition 8 PALOMAR ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL Logo and Identity for annual electronic music festival. FORM EOF: Event Flyer FORM EOF: Event Flyer FORM Poem Poster FORM Sawing Logs: IRL Show FORM RENDEEZYICONS FORM POLYSICSLOGOTYPE Sworn to Secrecy Terrage.com Promo Posters Eat, Move, Entertain TYPE + FORM BD:7 / TYPEFACE + LAYOUT TYPE + FORM BD:8 / TYPEFACE + LAYOUT TYPE + FORM BD:4 / TYPEFACE + LAYOUT TYPE + FORM BD:6 / DESIGN + LAYOUT Why I Love Life Shortage: Generative Art WARP/OS Promo SHIRTSSHIRTSSHIRTSSHIRTSSHIRTS 3D Study #1 3D Study #3 3D Study #2 Polygon Script Black Suit/White Tie Tie-Dye Animation Glitch Asset Specimen Font Chopper Space Filling Algo Burn You Like a Cashew Cookies4Breakfast Album Art The Dark Arts