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BD:4 / Exquisite Corpse

BD:4 / Exquisite Corpse

Width: 7.5 in
Release Date: 2010
Page Count: 162
Length: 10.25 in
Extra Features : Rounded corners, French flaps and gatefold, hand-numbered 1,500 print run
Binding: Perfect Bound

Beautiful/Decay Book 4: Exquisite Corpse assembles a group of emerging and established artists that twist and contort our understanding of the human body. Ranging from the macabre, grotesque, humorous, sculptural and the beautiful, each artist pushes classical figurative work into brand new forms. The editors of Beautiful/Decay also invited 26 artists from around the world to play a virtual game of Exquisite Corpse. The result is a brand new “body” of work (no pun intended) that is quite…..well, exquisite.

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BD:5 / Psychonauts

BD:5 / Psychonauts

Width: 7.5 in
Release Date: 2010
Page Count: 162
Length: 10.25 in
Extra Features : Rounded corners, French flaps and gatefold, hand-numbered 1,500 print run
Binding: Perfect Bound

In Beautifu|/Decay Book 5: Psychonauts we raise our anchor and set sail on an unknown voyage with seven featured artists whose work pushes the possibilities for consciousness within contemporary art. They each work in various mediums and conceptual frameworks but all share a common interest in the human condition. In addition to the features, we also invited 14 artists from around the world to create original work for our psychonaut project pages. The results are extremely unique and anything but predictable. Limited edition print run of 1,000 copies.

B/D5: Sailors of the Psyche
BD:6 / Future Perfect

BD:6 / Future Perfect

Width: 7.5 in
Release Date: 2010
Page Count: 162
Length: 10.25 in
Extra Features : Rounded corners, French flaps and gatefold, hand-numbered 1,500 print run
Binding: Perfect Bound

Presented by Toyota Prius Projects, Beautiful/Decay brings together over 100 artists from around the US creating new imagery revolving around the books “future perfect” theme. We asked artists to “show us what your ideal future would look like.” and over 300 submissions poured in, spanning every medium, technique, and style. From the 300 submissions, one Grand Prize winner was selected and over 100 finalist’s work will be featured throughout the publication. The book also includes a feature length article with notable, emerging, New York artist, Robin Williams whose surreal paintings give us a view into her very own Future Perfect.

B/D 6: Future Perfect
BD:7 / Class Clowns

BD:7 / Class Clowns

Width: 7.5 in
Release Date: 2010
Page Count: 162
Length: 10.25 in
Extra Features : Rounded corners, French flaps and gatefold, hand-numbered 1,500 print run
Binding: Perfect Bound

Laughter is universal, it transcends culture, trends, eras and time. The art world, however, is not thought of as droll. Galleries and museums are stern, intellectual spaces and works of art are discussed in academic terms. And yet in this scholarly world there are artists that buck conventions and use humor to engage us, make us laugh and make us think. Art is a medium of communication and the artists in this issue have found that humor is the most powerful way to engage their audience and convey their message. The Class clowns issue of Beautifu|/Decay is dedicated to those artists who pack their work not only with meaning but with a powerful punch line that keeps us coming back for more.

B/D 6: Future Perfect
BD:8 / Strange Daze

BD:8 / Strange Daze

Width: 7.5 in
Release Date: 2010
Page Count: 162
Length: 10.25 in
Extra Features : Rounded corners, French flaps and gatefold, hand-numbered 1,500 print run
Binding: Perfect Bound

Something is different lately. The Earth has shifted its axis and now everything seems to be moved to the right by a couple of inches. A dark wind blows. Something is off. The birds aren’t flying south like nature normally commands them to, and You can tell the animals know something we don’t. These are Strange Daze, Beautifu|/Decay’s revelation of the phenomenal and paranormal minds of artists. In a world-surreal, where every night holds a full moon, strange has become an adjective that plauges and ponders our daily existence. In line with Apocalyptic forebodings, Celestial encounters, and unexplained experiences–Strange Daze presents an astonishing collection of artwork that is documented proof of many famous speculated phenomenon. The book that you hold in your hands is filled to the brim with works that will shake the foundations of human culture forever if released to the masses.

BD:8 / Strange Daze
Abusing Amusing

Abusing Amusing

Width: 8.5 in
Release Date: 2009
Page Count: 64
Length: 11.00 in
Extra Features : Laminated Cover, Peel-off Sticker Cover
Binding: Perfect Bound

We live in a cultre of endless entertainment. Quick, fast, easy, convenient fun. But what happens when fun gets boring? What do you do when you outgrow your childhood amusements? Easy. You abuse them. So pull out that dusty shoebox from underneath your bed and come take a walk on the wild side.

BD:8 / Strange Daze


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Freebies Dec:2012 D:\\_Design
wiggidy warpism Jun:2012 D:\\_Design
gmask-4b Jun:2012 D:\\_Design
See White May:2012 D:\\_Design
Regulate Relegate Feb:2012 U:\\_Uncategorized
cheep & ez Jan:2013 D:\\_Design
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merge all layers Aug:2012 D:\\_Design
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BD8:VARNISH May:2012 D:\\_Design
Crows Nest Jul:2012 D:\\_Design
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sweet motion Mar:2012 D:\\_Design
Pull, Poke, Push Jan:2013 D:\\_Design
place with the bass Jun:2012 D:\\_Design
10kw Oct:2012 D:\\_Design
Nocturnal Jan:2012 D:\\_Design
cup.overflow Jun:2012 D:\\_Design
Spot Varnish Nov:2011 D:\\_Design
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identifycons Aug:2012 D:\\_Design
lover&hater Oct:2012 D:\\_Design
greetings from the future Oct:2012 D:\\_Design
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Ticky Tack Jan:2012 D:\\_Design
Eye Recall Jul:2012 D:\\_Design
hand crafted Nov:2011 D:\\_Design
Book Jacket : Book 7 Nov:2011 D:\\_Design
STRANGE:DAZE May:2012 D:\\_Design
True or False EP Mar:2012 D:\\_Design
Lovers Jan:2012 D:\\_Design
I'll Wax That Ass Mar:2012 D:\\_Design
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love=warp Aug:2012 D:\\_Design
anatomy of fresh Mar:2012 D:\\_Design
ptrail Jan:2012 D:\\_Design
CAW! CAW! Mar:2012 D:\\_Design
Inside Flaps : Book 6 May:2011 D:\\_Design
telephonograph Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
supreme d-lite Nov:2011 D:\\_Design
listen very close Nov:2011 D:\\_Design
GET : PUT Mar:2012 D:\\_Design
blow em out like candles Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
Encouraging Skateboard Jun:2012 D:\\_Design

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leadingzeros May:2011 D:\\_Design
visual silence Oct:2012 D:\\_Design
kenya relief Nov:2011 D:\\_Design
fake Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
Is it live? Is it On? Sep:2011 D:\\_Design
Bitbangin' Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
give 'em an example Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
warplogo Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
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markers and cookies and bears oh my Aug:2011 D:\\_Design
not a teste Oct:2012 D:\\_Design
bestest.craft Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
Zev Sep:2013 D:\\_Design
WARPLE Apr:2011 D:\\_Design
On My Mind Mar:2011 D:\\_Design
sloth Sep:2011 I:\\_Image
culty4bfast Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
Genie-us Sep:2011 D:\\_Design
ORE AHH BURR OHS Sep:2011 D:\\_Design
chain of reactions Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
Stunnerofthemonth.com + Logo Mar:2011 D:\\_Design
ye olde school Aug:2011 D:\\_Design
another dimension Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
helluva Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
Logo Mar:2011 D:\\_Design
gotta ask twice Oct:2011 D:\\_Design
Hazardous 2 Jul:2011 D:\\_Design
8thPLACE Apr:2011 D:\\_Design
finger on it Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
Polarized Piet Aug:2013 I:\\_Image
HEY MR POSTMAN Apr:2011 D:\\_Design
C4B : 83 Dec:2009 D:\\_Design
BruteForce May:2012 D:\\_Design
sayve Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
Kingdum Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
Designer/Model Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
? / ! Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
Beautiful/Decay : Book Design Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
carpe diem et scrotum Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
Graffiti100+1 Mar:2011 I:\\_Image
aye be see Oct:2010 D:\\_Design
valentine mix cd cover Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
sworn.2.secrecy Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
like water Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
sailor of the psyche Jan:2011 D:\\_Design
8th Place Mar:2011 D:\\_Design

▼ 2010

  Name Date Version
eat.move.download Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
Hazardous Jul:2011 D:\\_Design
smack my bishop Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
cuh,cuh,cuhraisey Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
Seasonal Mar:2011 D:\\_Design
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Onlockdown May:2012 D:\\_Design
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ecksquzit courpse May:2011 D:\\_Design
Aspiring Audio Jul:2011 D:\\_Design
cathode-kingz Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
MYKC Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
c4b:dongle Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
archiwarp Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
warp 99d Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
COWBOY COOKIE Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
cut it up fresh Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
another $ Aug:2010 D:\\_Design
poemic Jul:2010 D:\\_Design
Sair If Jul:2010 D:\\_Design
GEO Jul:2010 D:\\_Design
Remixed Serif Jun:2010 D:\\_Design
34:striped May:2010 D:\\_Design
graffiti.neue Feb:2010 D:\\_Design
Illusion is the first of all pleasures May:2010 D:\\_Design
why?!?! May:2010 D:\\_Design
cachev2 Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
cache + terrage Apr:2010 I:\\_Image
Oink Patrol Apr:2011 D:\\_Design
dada Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
cookie cutter Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
skateboard Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
c4b flyer Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
ucla + adteam Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
timber! Feb:2010 D:\\_Design
spread Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
worth the weight. Apr:2010 D:\\_Design
Sigh CO. Feb:2010 D:\\_Design
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blotter.shoker.burner.stijler Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
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606 Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
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burst.like.a.bubble Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
abuse/amuse Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
8.bit.soupa. Jan:2010 I:\\_Image
south campus Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
PAPERTRAIL LOGO Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
yum.chum_god.of.sugar Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
alarmingly!! Jan:2010 I:\\_Image
c4b+poster Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
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network.ucla.//connecting Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
safe.space Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
7200 X 33.33 RPM Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
why.do.you.love.life? Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
coat.of.arms.coat.of.paint Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
i.like.to.stalk.the.watcher. Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
locotype Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
electronique_surgeon_generals Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
riot.vectorized Jan:2010 I:\\_Image
deathndata Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
viles//. Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
toipeawwgraffy Jan:2010 D:\\_Design
c4b : eggs over my cookie Dec:2009 D:\\_Design
c4b : kitschen Jan:2010 D:\\_Design

▼ 2009

  Name Date Version
little resistance Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
shurts Nov:2009 D:\\_Design
Big.G / Little.G Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
krink.krank.krunk Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
flahah Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
sattelite.dish Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
hektick.quick. Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
CKIE$$4$BRK>FST/. Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
TORoNawDO** Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
_COAL_LAB??// Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
TRRG:e Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
002:// Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
001:// Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST 3 Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
V1CTORIE Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
electric avenue Apr:2012 I:\\_Image
GLOW HATS Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
GOOMBA GRAFFITI Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
I-15 the season Dec:2009 I:\\_Image
GOOMBA Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST 2 Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
DWN.DWN V V Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
MOVE | EAT | ENTERTAIN Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
WORK HARD / PLAY EASY Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
WARP Aug:2009 D:\\_Design
randomachine Aug:2009 L:\\_Links
leadingzeros.com Aug:2009 L:\\_Links
I LIKE TURTLES Aug:2009 I:\\_Image
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